Google Partner

Pay Per Click Advertising Service: Present yourself when they search for you, pay when they visit you.

The advertisement appears when users search for products on search engines with keywords that describe your own products.

The advertisement is paid when the user clicks with his mouse the advertisement (that’s why the name is Pay Per Click) and he is transferred to your website or in any other destination page (landing page) of your choice. 


PPC services of Just On Line include:

  • Selection of keywords that you will use for your advertising campaign.
  • Evaluation of current situation (searches and competition).
  • Editing of advertising texts.
  • Design and creation of destination pages (Landing Pages).
  • Management of advertising campaign.
  • Follow-up and optimization of the campaign.
  • Reports for the flow and the effectiveness of the campaign. 

Display Advertising Service: make your brand popular

From the traditional ways of online advertisement, the display or banner advertising is the appearance of your ad via banners and other creative rich media. The cost is based on either number of impressions or on clicks if the campaign takes place in Google Content Network. With the help of banners you can strengthen your brand’s image to your existing customers and make it popular to new ones.



How we will help you in the Display Advertising campaign:

We will select sites that your campaign will "run" in order to approach target group that interests for your products but also to take advantage of the image of the site in order to strengthen your own image.

We will create smart and attractive advertising banners that will give various options to the user beyond his simple transfer to your site or to some other network place.

We will watch the results of the campaign in real time so that we will save money by taking advantage of the design and of the websites that bring better results.